Mallorcan Wildflower Identification
These pages are ongoing and will become more organised and seasonally orientated over the year. Colours are loosely grouped.
Blossom colour: white
Asteriscus maritimus Asteriscus maritimus
Sea Daisy or Sea Aster, Also known as Mediterranean Beach Daisy, Gold Coin.
Tough leathery silvery-green foliage, ground hugging plant. Exceptionally long flowering period. Drought tolerant. Widespread in coastal and arid areas. Flowers remain open at night.
Oxalis Oxalis pes-caprae
Bermuda buttercup
Lemon yellow flower and clover-like leaf. Not known to reproduce by seed in Europe fortunately, as prolific producer of a string of tiny egg-like bulbs that reproduce rapidly the following season. Almost impossible to eradicate in the garden. Has a pleasant sour taste due to the presence of oxalic acid. Widespread.
Wild clematis Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica
Member of the buttercup family. Fragrant, evergreen climber with small, glossy, fern-like foliage with dark-green leaves, and small cup-shaped cream flowers, with brownish-orange speckles inside. Silky feathery seedpods. Flowering late winter early spring. Widespread in hedgerows and scrub.
Honeysuckle Lonicera periclymenum
Honeysuckle, European honeysuckle, Woodbine.
Vigourous woody climber. Fragrant, particularly at night and after rain. Pollinated by both moths and bees. Develops red berries. Widespread in hedgerows and shady places throughout Mallroca.
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