Meeting of Giants at Sant Marçal Church. Autumn Fair 2008

The Giants of Inca
The shoemaker,the Inca giant

Documentary evidence shows that Inca already had its own leather workers and shoemakers guild as early as 1453. So when the decision was made to build two giants and to endow them with the principal occupations of the area, it was fairly obvious whom they should represent.

Nameless, they are both shoemakers; he with his tools, she with her thread. The giant is 3.60 metres tall and weighs 40 kilos. The giantess is 3.40 metres tall and also weighs 40 kilos. They were built by Àngels Jutglar i Antoni Brossa “Vesper” (Factoria Cultura, Olot).

These are the giants that represent the city of Inca but there is also an earlier pair, built in 1928. Believed to have been called Abdón (after one of the patron saints of Inca) and Maria, their weight and internal construction makes them unsuitable for carrying and dancing in processions and so they stand inside the entrance to the Inca Town Hall.

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The shoemaker, the Inca giantess