Rooftops San Marçal Church Marratxi Mallorca
painting of the church
five loaves and two fishes echoing the Marratxi coat of arms
hydrangeas decorating the church
The first parish church was known as Santa Maria of Marratxí, and it was founded in the thirteenth century. The present church was built in 1699 in the Renaissance style and contains a notable baroque altarpiece. It is dedicated to San Marçal, who is the patron saint of Marratxí.

His feast day is the 30th June. Pilgrims, visiting the church on his feast day to ask the saint to alleviate rheumatic pains, wore a sprig of basil and filled flasks with the local water to safeguard them from throat infections in the coming year.

Enormous pots of hydrangeas, also known as hortensias, fill the church, grown and nurtured by the same families for several generations. Marratxí hydrangeas are known throughout the Island and cuttings are seriously coveted! Local lore insists that the plants should only be cut back on 25th October, St Crispin’s Day.