Christmas Nativity scene in Mallorca
Tha Sybil at Lluc in Mallorca
The in English

On Judgement Day
all shall perish who have not served Him well.
Jesus Christ, king of heaven and earth
Man and veritable and eternal God,
shall come down from the sky in judgement
and shall bestow on each what is just:

A huge fire shall descend from the sky:
Sea, lakes and rivers, all shall burn
The fish shall scream aloud,
Losing their natural habitat.
The sun shall shed its brightness,
Becoming dark and shadowy
The moon shall give no light and
there shall be despair in the whole world.

To the good, He will say, “Come, my children,
to the kingdom that I have assigned to you
since the world was created."
And to the bad, He will say very coldly,
"Go, you damned, to the torment
Go, go to the eternal fires
In the very depths of Hell."

Gentle Virgin who gave birth
to the Baby Jesus this night,
Pray to your Son
that He may save us from Hell.
On the Day of Judgement
all shall perish who have not served Him well.

the in Mallorca