Son Bonet Aerodrome, home to many private planes

Air Tractor or 'waterbomber' loading water in the Bay
Guardia Civil helicopter
Windmill sails to be restored

Fire fighting resources

The control centre at Son Bonet is the headquarters for the coordination of fire fighting and prevention resources in all the Balearic Islands. These include a staff of almost 400 during the period of greatest risk, 4 helicopters, 3 AT-802 aircraft and a Cessna 337G, a slow flying fire spotting aircraft that watches the coast. Ground resources, mobile observation centres and vigilance units are controlled by GPS to ensure the fastest possible response time.

The Air Tractor also known as the waterbomber (botijo in Spanish) is the world’s largest single engine aircraft. It can carry 5,500 litres of water and fill its tanks in 12 seconds.

Remember that garden bonfires and barbecues in the countryside are forbidden on the Islands during the summer months and in the event of fire, please phone 112.

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