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Excellent example of Mallorcan embroidery
Mallorcan embroidery on pottery!
Mallorcan embroidery

Traditional, very fine embroideries, entirely worked by hand, in the Mallorcan stitch, are quite exquisite and are to be found in every Island home decorating bed and table linen. At one time, the craft almost died out, but it has recovered somewhat, although not on the same scale as before. It can be admired and purchased at craft fairs and in specialist shops in Palma.

Mallorcan embroidery comprises the point, chain stitch and connected stitch. Cross-stitch is a popular counted thread embroidery. It differs significantly from the embroidery found on the Spanish mainland in its innovative designs and skilful use of materials. It is more reminiscent of the styles from the eastern Mediterranean, Crete, Albania, and Rumania, and with those originating from Persia or India.