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St. George
St George
Feast Day 23 April: Colónia de Sant Jordi

Martyred c.300

We know he was a soldier and that he was martyred during the persecution by the Emperor Diocletian (284-385) for professing his Christian faith, finally being beheaded after horrendous tortures.

The best known of the legends involving the saint is the story of his slaying the dragon and rescuing the fair damsel about to be offered to it as a human sacrifice. According to tradition as he killed the dragon, it’s blood fell on to a white rose, dying it crimson. This is why red roses symbolise love.

In Mallorca, it is customary for girls to be given a red rose and men a book by their loved ones, on this day, Book Day in Catalonia since 1923, and UNESCO International Day of the Book since 1996.

Also patron saint of Catalonia following his miraculous intervention in the tenth century when, with lightning as his sword, he led the pitiful remnants of the Catalan army to retake Barcelona from a far superior force of Moors.