Meeting of Giants at Sant Marçal Church. Autumn Fair 2008

The Giants of Selva
Pau, the Selva giant with his pipe and bag for collecting herbs

The Selva giants en Pau and na Rosa are not built to be carried in processions but are mounted on wheels. They each measure some 3.80 metres. They were built by Andrew Pinder, clothed by a woman from Inca, and shoed by the mayor’s father. He holds a pipe,and they both carry bags for collecting wild herbsin the mountains and fields around the town. Herbs such as rosemary and thyme, and myrtle in particular.

On the day of local fiestas, a huge still is erected in the main square and the myrtle is ceremoniously piped into the town to be distilled. The resulting elixir is bottled and used throughout the year as a cosmetic.

Rosa carries a book in her hands. The page that can be read relates that she was the daughter of a rich miser who guarded his money with one hundred locks. When approached by a beggar, he shooed him away.

One hopes that Rosa will ensure there is a happy ending although the sad expression on her face may hint at a different outcome.

Bandera española.

Rosa, the Selva giantess with her bag for colleting herbs and a book relating her story