Meeting of Giants at Sant Marįal Church. Autumn Fair 2008

The Giants of Calviā
King Jaume I, the Conqueror, the Calviā giant.

These were built by Vicente Alberola and dressed by Enric de las Heras to commemorate the landing of the king and his troops at Santa Ponįa in 1229. The queen is crowned while the king wears his sword and the dragon helmet so closely associated with him. He measures 3.50 metres and weighs 30 kilos. The queen is 3.35 metres high and weighs 25 kilos.

The landing of the king and his Catalan troops mark a decisive point in the history of Mallorca. The city of Palma fell three months later and the king’ entry on 31 December brought with it the introduction of the Catalan language, a feudal society and Christianity. Many Island families trace their descent from the knights accompanying the king.

The giants made their first appearance in 1999 and can be seen in the celebrations organised every year, in August-September, to commemorate the disembarkation of the king. After the main parade, there is a mock battle on the beach between the Moors and the Christians.

Bandera espaņola.

Queen Violant d'Hongria, the Calviā giantess