Byzantine nobles
The Dark Ages in Mallorca -Vandals and Byzantines
Gunderich and the Vandals take Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands. Many Roman galleys are captured enabling them to enlarge their fleet to cover the entire Mediterranean.

Emperor Zeno recognised the full extent of the Vandal kingdom, including all of western Africa, the Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily, ensuring an end to the raids on the empire.

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Geiseric the Lame (389-477), son of Gunderich, governed Mallorca using it as his base to loot and plunder the Mediterranean as far as the shores of Italy. Said to have fallen from his horse as a youth, his prowess at sea was considered to stem his resolve to compensate for his lack of horsemanship. Ruling for almost fifty years, he built an insignificant Germanic tribe into a major Mediterranean power. After his death it declined remarkably quickly.
Christians were persecuted.
Byzantines and Moors periodically took over the Islands.
Apollinaris, son of Belisarius, the famous Byzantine general, occupied the Balearic Islands, which once again became part of the Roman Empire in the east. However, being so far from Constantinople, the Islanders were unable to obtain any protection from the constant incursions of passing seafarers, particularly the Moors who came as pirates or because one of their mutual treaties had been broken.

Christianity flourished under Byzantine rule; basilicas were repaired and new ones, such as Son Fiol, were built.

Abdullah, the eldest son of Muza, Governor of Moorish Africa, leads his fleet to conquer Mallorca and they leave with a great deal of booty.

As the years went by, the Islanders signed treaties and agreements with the Moors. These were treated with more or less respect –determined by each side's interpretation of a particular situation! However, the Caliphate of Cordova, the Emirs of Denia, the Almoravids and the Almohades, all seized power in Mallorca at some period.

Continual invasions led the Islanders to petition Charlemagne for help and he arrived in the Islands to defend them against a new attack.
Mallorca shown as part of Charlemagne’s empire on maps.
The Emir of Cordova sends a fleet of 300 warships take control of the Islands.
Invasion and devastation of the islands by the Normans.