Hercules battling Geryon

Legendary Mallorca
Tenth Labour of Hercules

clapers de gegants

Some historians believe that the Balearic Islands may be identified with the site of the Tenth Labour of Hercules and that the hero visited the Islands on his return from setting up the twin Pillars of Hercules guarding the Straits of Gibraltar.
The three-bodied giant Geryones or Geryon owned some marvellous cattle which it was Hercules' task to capture. They were guarded by a two-headed dog. Naturally Hercules slew them all and carried off his prize in triumph.

It was once thought that the earliest inhabitants of the Balearic Islands and other Mediterranean islands were a race of giants who constructed the talayots and stone towers, traversed by tunnels, and known locally as clapers de gegants (giants' cairns). (The stones ploughed up by Mallorcan farmers are piled up in a cairn, known locally as a claper)