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St. Michael Archangel
St Michael Archangel

Feast Day 29 September: Calonge, Campanet, Son Carrió,

An Old Testament figure who is also mentioned in the Book of Revelation, he appears in the Jewish Book of Enoch, and passed into Christian mythology, although not into its orthodoxy. Although his name is only mentioned four times in the Scriptures, some Christian theologians claim and identify his appearance in the Bible even when nameless. As the cherub at the gates of paradise in Genesis for example.

Considered as an archangel, prince of all angels, prince even of the seraphim by some, and the commander of God’s Army, he is normally depicted as a warrior, blazing across the sky, with his sword unsheathed, fighting the Devil. In the Islamic faith, he is also an archangel, second only to Gabriel, but as the bringer of blessings. Roman Catholics bestow sainthood upon him and address him as Saint Michael. The title “saint” means “holy”; it does not signify a human soul in heaven.

Patron Saint of paratroopers –unsurprisingly– and warriors, police and soldiers.