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Mallorcan Meteorite

In 1940 or 1941 a meteorite fell on a beach near Can Picafort. The only witness was Canuto Boloquio, Head of the Falange in Mallorca, who had a summer house nearby. When he reached the site there was a large hole that was still smoking and, there, approximately two metres deep, was the nucleus of the meteorite which had a diameter of some two metres or so.

The fall was never reported in the newspapers and those who heard the noise of its impact assumed it was a bomb and part of military manoeuvres. It was during the harsh times of the post-war era, and there were no means of investigating it. However, Boloquio did inform the director of the Mallorca Astronomic Observatory of the meteorite but this was not until around 1980. Sánchez took photographs of the site where he could still see stones burned by the impact, and he collected samples for analysis although the findings were slim as the nucleus was no longer there.

Sánchez continued to collect information and discovered that the nucleus of the meteorite had remained in place until the sixties but people in the area gradually broke it up and the pieces ended up mainly in the hands of foreigners who then left the Island. Some fragments were found in Boloquio's family and, on analysis, were determined to be of metal, which is rather common among meteorites.