Son Bonet Aerodrome, home to many light aircraft

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Avro flown to Australia by Hinkler
De Havilland Gipsy Moth
A view of an earlier Son Bonet Aerodrome

The Royal Aero Club de Baleares

The Club was founded in 1934 with two aircraft, an Avro Avian with an 85 hp ADC Cirrus engine, and a DH60 Gypsy Moth with a 100 hp engine, acquired in Madrid by the pilot Federico Perez Esteve, who was the first instructor at the Club. At the inauguration of the Club, it was announced that an aircraft had been stolen by convicts escaping from the prison and intent on fleeing the Island. However, they “lacked the requisite number of flying hours” to enable them to do so!

The Club had its headquarters at Son Bonet where it purchased an adjacent property where the members built a small shelter that acted as a hangar for three aircraft plus a small workshop. With the onset of the Civil War, these aircraft formed the first aerial contingent of the Franco forces in Mallorca.

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