A Nativity Scene in Mallorca

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the soft turron from Jijona
the round 'torta' from Alicante and Jijona in the Guiness Book of Records.
almond milk
Known to the Ancient Greeks, when almonds and honey were combined to provide an energy food for sportsmen taking part in the Olympic Games, it may have been introduced into Spain either by them or by the Moors. Similarly, the nutritional properties of almonds, coupled with honey, made it popular with Moorish troops, as it was easy to transport and remained edible for lengthy periods.

The earliest Spanish recipe dates from the XVI century and is based on egg whites and honey with the addition of nuts, most frequently almonds. Originally comprising two kinds, hard or brittle (Alicante) and soft (Jijona), it is now found in an endless variety, candied fruit in marzipan, coconut ice, every possible chocolate variation with or without liqueurs and, Christmas 2007, rose petal flavour!

Turron is eaten throughout the Christmas festivities.