Meeting of Giants at Sant Marçal Church. Autumn Fair 2008

The Giants of Muro
Antoni, the Muro giant plays the Mallorcan bagpipes

The Muro giants made their first appearance at the celebrations for the patron saint of the town, Sant Antoni, on 17 January 2004 when they and the devils led the parade of floats, horses, farm animals and pets of all kinds for the traditional blessing by the local priest.

Antoni, the piper, plays the xeremias or Mallorcan bagpipe and his companion, Joan the flabioler, plays the tabor pipe and drum.

Both instruments are essential wherever and whenever Mallorcans gather to celebrate their traditions. Both measure 3.40 metres, weigh 35 kilos and were constructed by Kake Portas. Their sponsors at their baptism were Tomeu and Margalida, the Palma giant and giantess.

See also: Xeremiers for further reading on the xeremias and the music of Mallorca

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Joan, the Muro giant plays his tabor pipe and drum