talayot, Mallorca

Interments in Mallorca. II.

Talayot Era
Son Real

A funeral necropolis, unique in the Balearic Islands and elsewhere. It comprises a number of tombs which reproduce, on a smaller scale, both circular and square talayots and navetas. Very little is known about its origins. Excavations revealed a sanctuary in the shape of a horseshoe, unlike any other on the Island but similar to those on Minorca and other areas of the Mediterranean, which has been provisionally dated at 2000 BC. Of 168 skulls recovered from Son Real, 14 had undergone trepanations and in S’Illot des Porros, (a nearby islet) there were only two definite trepanations. Dating from the end of the second millennium in the Balearic Islands, and practiced only on the living, it may have had a ritual role. It increased considerably in the post-talayot period.
Strong influence of Punic culture: variety of funeral rites, burials in lime at Son Matge, in foetal position in Son Real, incineration in S’Illot dels Porros, in wooden coffins shaped like standing bulls in the cave at Avenc de sa Punta.
Son Boronat
Almost inaccessible burial cave where some of the bodies were found in coffins made from the hollowed trunks of the abeto - a fir tree that no longer grows on the Island. Others were lying on the floor or on simple stretchers, in various positions and with stones on their breasts.
123 BC
Interments I.

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