Jaume Ferrer's ship from the Catalan Atlas

The Mallorcan School of Cartography. Later Cartographers.IV.
Detail from the Catalan Atlas
Mecia de Viladestes was a disciple of Jafuda Cresques, his Jewish name was Samuel Corchos. He converted to Christianity in 1391. Two maps signed by him are preserved. One dated 1413 was acquired by the Prior of the monastery in Valldemossa and eventually came to rest in the Paris National Library The other dated 1420 is to be found in Florence. His brother Joan also drew up a mapamundi (1428) which is in the Istanbul Museum. These portolan charts show the same geographical setting as Dulcert's portolan chart, the wealth of paintings and explanatory legends of the Catalan Atlas and the same fascination with African gold, and knowledge of the overland routes leading to it.

Little is know about Gabriel de Valseca. He is thought to have been born in Barcelona and lived in in the Santa Creu district of Palma in Mallorca from 1435 -1467. His mapamundi dated 1439 was influenced by the Jaffuda Cresques School. It can be seen in the Barcelona Maritime Museum. At one time, this map was in the possession of the Comte de Montenegro and was seen by George Sand during her stay on the Island with Frederick Chopin in 1839. She wrote in her book "A Winter in Mallorca", that it was a "masterpiece of calligraphy and topographical drawing, where the miniaturist has produced accurate work. This map had belonged to Americo Vespucio who bought it at an extremely high price, according to the note on the back, in the writing of that time Questa ampla pelle di geographia fè pagata da Amerigo Vespucci CXXX ducati di oro de marco." Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian-born Spanish explorer, provisioned one (possibly two) of the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. Other charts may be seen in the Paris National Library (1447) and the Florence Museum (1449).

An atlas exists signed by Jaume Bertranan and Berenguer Ripoll in 1456. In addition, three more of Bertranan's maps, dating from 1482-1489, can be seen in Florence, Mallorca and London.

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