Rooftops of San Marçal Church Marratxi Mallorca

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giants at the Marratxi Autumn Fair in Mallorca
Marratxi Town Hall coat of arms or shield
the iron potter statue in the Square in Portol Marratxi Mallorca

Pòrtol is famous throughout Mallorca for its potteries. Its brown earthenware pots, its casserole dishes, its plant pots and garden lamps are seen everywhere. You can purchase them in the town and from stalls at fairs all over the Island and, in particular, from the Pottery Fair in spring.

In addition, there are six bars serving snacks or meals, a baker who serves your coffee with fresh bread or newly baked pastries, banks, clothes and furniture shops, and an ironmonger, known locally as 'Aladdin's cave'. Click on the images to discover more about Pòrtol and its fiestas and fairs