Mallorca Waste Management Centre at Son Reus

Mallorca and the Environment
Urban Waste Management. II
Monorail for visitors at the high-tech Environmental Technologies Park in Mallorca
At the Environmental Technologies Park, incineration accounts for the disposal of 44% of solid urban waste. Two more incinerators are due to come online this year (2010) and all four will treat some 700,000 tons of refuse a year. Conversion of the waste into electrical resources by the enlarged plant will provide 1,125,000 kilowatt hours per day, sufficient to supply 67,000 home or some 200,000 inhabitants. Other means of waste treatment are recycling 13%, methanisation 1%, landfill 24% but this is expected to reduce to zero by 2013 and compost 18%.

Methane given off by the anaerobic fermentation process of organic matter is used to provide the electricity that runs all the faclities. The organic matter byproduct is subsequently used to make compost together with the organic matter from the selective collection. Experimental work is carried out to improve its already high quality. It is used in agriculture,urban gardens and countryside restoration projects.The plant itself is fitted with air filtering systems to prevent emissions into the atmosphere.
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