King Juan Carlo inspects his troops

Twentieth Century Mallorca
Demolition of the walls began on 8th August amid great rejoicing by the inhabitants of Palma who considered it an essential step towards modernisation and growth.

After an army uprising on mainland Spain, the military commander of the Balearic Islands assumed power. It was the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in Mallorca.
General Franco visited Mallorca when the remains of King Jaume I and King Jaume II were transferred to the Trinity Chapel in the Cathedral.
The beginning of the tourist boom, which opened up the Island to the outside world and brought about a change in the hitherto very conservative outlook of the Mallorcans.
Death of General Franco and the accession of King Juan Carlos who successfully piloted Spain through the transition period to full democracy.
The first democratic elections brought victory to the Socialist Party and Ramon Aguiló was elected Mayor, a position he held for twelve years.
Spain and Portugal join the European Community, nowadays the European Union.