bales of roba des llengues cloth
bobbins for weaving the cloth
The cloth on the looms
Artesania Textil Bujosa spools

Artesanía Textil Bujosa
c/ Bernat de Santa Eugènia, 53 - Santa Maria

Weavers still follow traditional practices whereby the warp is always white and the most classic designs use blue or green or yellow as their basic colours.
Nowadays, the cotton skeins are dyed one by one to achieve the strongest colours and to ensure the highest quality. The fabric is then woven on mechanised looms dating from the early twentieth century.
It is thought by scholars that there may be some connection with the Indonesian ikats though the precise nature of this association is lost in time. However, the fabric does make the most fabulous modern bags. Click on the images to see some of them.